Castilla Education Project

This is an education project for schools in Spain that is aimed at evaluating the use of Arduino and other open source tools such as Processing. The project was commissioned to Arduino Verkstad by the Regional Education Resource Center in Castilla La Mancha and Fundacion Telefonica.


Classroom Ecology

Contemporary Spanish schools have both computer resource rooms and internet. While the average Spanish family spends 350 € per child per year in textbooks, it is, however, not expected that the families will have computers at home.

A typical class size has 25 kids. Each class session lasts 45 minutes with 10 minutes for preparation. Because different schools have different schedules, it currently isn't possible to plan a synchronous online course.

Classroom Dynamics

The experience lasts during 10 weeks and involves 25 schools that will join in testing a project-based educational model. The action is divided in two parts. The first half is based on:

  • Weekly Lab Sessions
  • Weekly Projects
  • Sharing the Experience